Friday, March 26, 2010

Natural Cures for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Causes and Symptoms

In rheumatoid arthritis, there is an inflammation of joints or there may be an inflammation of tissue around the joint. It may affect the other organs of the body also. It is said to be the chronic inflammation of the joint. It is also said to be an autoimmune disease which means the illness caused when the tissue of the body is by mistake attacked by their own immune system. Sometimes it is said to be the rheumatoid disease because it is associated with the inflammation and it may affect multiple organs of the body. It is also referred as systematic illness. Rheumatoid arthritis lasts for many years as it is a chronic illness. It causes the joint destruction and functional disability also.

All over the world, the cause of the rheumatoid arthritis is a matter of research. It was expected that fungi, bacteria and virus may be its cause but none has be proven as its cause. It may be said that to a great extent it may be hereditary or some environmental factors also plays an important role in its cause like smoking, intake of tobacco etc.

The symptoms of the rheumatoid arthritis depend upon the degree of inflammation of the tissue. The symptoms of the rheumatoid arthritis may come and go according to the inflammation. When there is an inflammation of the tissue then the disease becomes active and when there the inflammation subsides then the disease becomes inactive. In many persons the symptoms disappear and then again come back and this condition is called flare. Common symptoms among the sufferer when the disease remain active are stiffness, muscle and joint ache, low grade fever, loss of energy, fatigue and lack of appetite.

No permanent solution has been established for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. There are some therapies which are very popular among the people. But these therapies are the supplement to the conventional care not the proper replacement of it. Some natural remedies are there which are very effective for it.

1. For thousands of years especially in Africa peoples are using devil’s claw as a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, stomach and kidneys, improving the skin conditions and the gallbladder also.

2. An herb known as boswellia basically available in India is very effective in the treatment of curing inflammation of tissue.

3. Gamma - linolenic acid basically found in black current seed oil, evening primrose oil and borage oil proves to be very effective in its treatment.

4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are available in fats. So we must intake the food which contains Omega 3 Fatty Acid to overcome from the problem of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Natural Cures for Diarrhea, Types, Causes, Home Remedies

Diarrhea is a condition in which a person experiences a frequent watery stool against the normal stool or you can say that a person undergoes a loose stool frequently. Diarrhea itself is a disease under different condition or it is being related with the various digestive problems and it is one of their symptoms.

When it lasts for 2-3 days, then it is not considered to be in a serious condition but if it lasts for more than 2 weeks and also it is painful then in that case you must consult to a physician.

Symptoms of Diarrhea: Few main symptoms of diarrhea are fever, sometimes stool with blood, nausea, loose or watery stools and sometimes diarrhea is also associated with abdominal pain.

Types of diarrhea: Basically there are two types of diarrhea.

1. Acute diarrhea: This type of diarrhea doesn’t require any intensive medication. It lasts for less than 3-4 weeks and it is cured normally.

2. Chronic diarrhea: Usually this type of diarrhea is caused due to some infection and it continues for more than month and even it can continue up to a year. Few main causes of chronic diarrhea are bowel cancer, alcohol consumption for long time, poor digestion of food etc.

Causes of Diarrhea

1. Due to the after affect of some medicines

2. Use of laxatives like magnesium, cascara etc. and the other chemicals in day to day life

3. Excess intake of alcohol

4. Bacterial and viral infection

5. Reaction against the intake of some food

Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Diarrhea

1. Water is very essential for our body so make a habit to drink plenty of water and fluids. You can go for drink like carrot juice as this drink improves the consistency of stool. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

2. Prefer to eat the preparation made of rice and light food without oil and spices.

3. For mild diarrhea you can also take blackberry tea. It is a useful home remedies for diarrhea.

4. Increase the intake of yoghurt but totally avoid milk as well as dairy product.

5. You can take ginger capsules to reduce this problem and even the ginger tea can stop the cramps and pain.

6. For many digestive ailments charcoal is excellent.

7. Increase the intake of soluble fiber which is found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

8. Take a glass of water and squeeze two lemons in it and add half tea spoon of baking powder and drink it as soon as it foams.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get Six Packs with Best Exercises for Abs and Advanced Ab Workouts

Abs exercise would not reduce the fat from your body. On the other hand, we all know the significance of strong abs. A person with strong abs has ability to avoid spines. If you are desperate to make six packs then cycling can be your first step. This would also help you for reducing your waist.

1. Firstly lie down on the floor, with your hand behind your head.
2. Pull your knees towards your lower chest and without moving your neck, slowly bring up your shoulder blades.
3. Move your upper body in the right direction and at the same time get your left leg straight.
4. Now, slowly make your left elbow move towards right knee.
5. Perform the same for the right elbow by changing the side.
6. You should do it for 12 to 16 times for each side.

You can go for regular crunches or the decline crunches to shape up your abs. For doing any kind of exercise, you simply need to have proper diet. A good diet includes high protein and low fat food. For instance go for low fat milk and chicken breast (with removed skin). The key exercises to tighten up the abs are performing sit-ups with your back straight and knees bent at 90 degrees, second effective set is situps crunches. Many of the advanced exercises for abs are discussed further.

Do the following for 3 times a week with 3 sets with atleast 10 wraps.

Double crunches

1. First you lie down on the bench or floor. Now bend your knees and keep hands behind your head. Maintain the stability of your head and mind the gap between your chests and chin.
2. Now feel the effort on abdomen and bring up your shoulders with a slight movement in your knees towards chest.
3. Get back to the initial posture and perform the repetitions.

Plank superman

Get your body into a plank position. In this position lift your left leg and right arm from the floor level. Lock yourself in this posture for 1 minute. Get back to the initial position and do the repetitions. Do the same for opposite arm and leg.


This is effective for your lower back.

1. Lie upside down on the floor. Get the palms flatten on the floor.
2. At the same moment lift about 6 inches in the air, your left leg and right arm. Take care that you are not bending your arm and leg.
3. Pause yourself in the position for at least 5 seconds and repeat for any number of times as per your strength.


1. Your initial position will be same as that was in double crunches with the only difference in your hand. Extend your arms to point towards ceiling. Do take care of the gap between the chests and chin.
2. Similar to double crunches lift up yourself and try to touch your feet with your hand.
3. Get back in the initial posture and repeat it in 3 sets of sixteen wraps each.

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