Saturday, December 6, 2008

How Does Fibre Lower Cholesterol

Foods rich in fibre play an important role in maintaining good health and fitness. In this article we will discuss how does fibre lower cholesterol? We all know that vegetables, fruits and grains are high in fibre so it is important to increase their intake in order to lower cholesterol.

Vegetables are perfect cholesterol lowering food because they are low in calorie-content. They can be prepared in so many ways and are perfect to avoid consuming foods that are high in cholesterol. Eating vegetables can also reduce the risks of certain cancers, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Fruits are also helpful in lowering cholesterol level. They are effective to fight cholesterol because these are low in calories. Grains have high-energy content and high dietary fibre content, and are considered useful in lowering cholesterol. Grains especially whole grains are effective food for weight management as well as in controlling cholesterol levels.

Meats such as chicken or turkey, fish, red meats that are lean are good cholesterol lowering foods. Lean meats are high in essential minerals, protein, vitamins, and micronutrients that are good for efficient metabolism.

Low cholesterol diet – 

If you want to lower your cholesterol levels, following an ideal low cholesterol diet may be able to help you a lot.

Breakfast – Soymilk, oat bran cereal with chopped fruit and almonds, oatmeal bread and vegetable-based margarine.

Lunch – Soy cold cuts, oat bran bread, bean soup and a dessert of fruit

Dinner – Stir-fry vegetables, fruit and almonds would be the usual low cholesterol diet fare

Make sure to follow this type of low cholesterol diet for a long period of time, rather than a day or two.

Note: Remember these natural treatments can’t replace your medication to lower cholesterol but can only support your treatment.

Know more about diet chart, read some health books on diet and fitness